I do do do

‘Do’ is a great little word in English! In English, “I do” means “I’ll marry you for the rest of my life”. It’s a romantic verb but it’s also a verb of action! We do activities. We do business. We do work.
Anything related to the idea of work can be described by do. For example, work around the house is called ‘chores’. We do chores. We do the ironing, we do the washing-up, we do the cooking, the cleaning and the washing. When we are busy, there is so much to do! I have to do the shopping and then later I have to do my homework.
Scientists do experiments, students do a course, a diploma or a degree. You can do your best. Or do your worst. You can do harm to something or you can do someone a good turn.
Apart from having so many collocations in English, do is also of course an auxiliary verb. Do you...? Yes, I do, no I don’t. Yesterday I did or I didn’t. When you do an action you perform that action. What are you doing tonight? What did you do yesterday?
Do your duty and study do. Do yourself a favour and do some research on do. To do or not to do? That’s the new question! They say that actions speak louder than words. So what you do defines what you are.

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