About Us

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Englishour Methodology

Englishour teaches our students how to communicate effectively through English, regardless of the situation. This means that we help learners speak, understand, read and write English in a wide range of situations, both formal and informal. We believe learning English should be fun, but underlying this we also believe in accuracy, good writing and correct use of grammar.

Our School

We have three bright spacious schools which are based near O’Connell Street in Dublin’s city centre, a stone’s throw from the Spire and the GPO, convenient for both visitors to the city and to people working here who want to improve their English. We offer a variety of classes at different times and levels, including mornings, afternoons, evenings and the weekend, and can also organise accommodation and entertainment such as excursions for visiting students.

Why Englishour

Students in Englishour learn fast

Communicative task-based methodology

Small classes

Two fantastic city centre locations


No registration fee

Free books and materials

Free tea and coffee

Excursions every weekend to visit Ireland

Blank Space