If you’re attending your Englishour course on a visa, you’re required to attend at least 85% of your classes. Courses are over a duration of 25 weeks or more, and should you arrive to a class more than 15 minutes late, you’ll be marked as absent.

The Academic Director closely monitors attendance, and you must fulfil your attendance obligations. If you don’t fulfil your 85% attendance, the Academic Director at Englishour will inform the Garda Immigration Authority. In the event that low attendance leads to expulsion, students have the right to appeal with the Academic Director.

If you do not fulfil your attendance obligations, you may be expelled from your course and you will receive no refund. Before you, or any student, is expelled, there will always be an:

Informal meeting
Verbal warning when your attendance is below 85%
2 Written warnings if there is no improvement
Contact made with the Garda Immigration Authority

In the event of an expulsion from Englishour, the student has the right to appeal the decision of the school to expel them. In this case the student will contact the director who is responsible for attendance and the enforcement of the attendance procedure, who will arrange a face to face meeting with the student. During this meeting the Director will go through the reasons for the expulsion and the student will be given a chance to state their reason for the appeal and to provide supporting evidence (medical certificates etc.), which has not already been submitted, in support of their appeal.

The Director responsible for attendance will review any new information and documentation. If this is found to be sufficient, the student will be reinstated with the proviso that their attendance will be closely monitored.

If the supporting evidence is not deemed sufficient, the expulsion will stand and the student will be referred to GNIB should they wish to take the matter further.

All of these steps are documented by the Academic Director and Englishour will always act on this at the earliest possible moment.

If you’re sick during your English language course, you must notify Englishour by phone call or email ( before your class commences. If you happen to be sick for more than two days, you will need to obtain a doctor’s note to present to us when you return. If you don’t produce this note, the time you’ve been away ill will be counted as ‘absent’.

Unless it’s an emergency, you must request holidays at least seven days in advance and make your request to the Academic Director. Student holidays must always comply with the Department of Justice and Equality’s requirements.

Attendance must be a minimum of 85% for a student to request holidays.


A student is entitled to request holidays if:

Their attendance is 85% or above
They have completed a minimum of 12 weeks of course
The time requested does not exceed one third of classes already taken.