Best English school in Dublin

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Best English school in Dublin: Englishour leads the way


Best English school in Dublin: For the past few years, Englishour has been building its reputation and is now regarded as one the best places in Ireland or the UK in which to learn English as a foreign language


People often ask: ‘What is the best English school in Dublin?’ Or ¿Cuál es la mejor escuela de inglés en Dublín?’ or ‘Qual é a melhor escola de inglês em Dublin?’ The answer is that there are many excellent schools in the city. We at Englishour like to pride ourselves on being one of the best and the extremely positive feedback from our students backs that up.


Where should I learn to speak English in Ireland?


Dublin has more than 100 English language schools and is recognised as a very good place in which to learn English and live. Englishour now has two schools in Dublin city centre and has established a reputation as a professional yet fun school in which to learn.


Where should I learn English in the UK?


Although Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and not in the United Kingdom, many foreign students from Spain, Italy, South America and beyond choose it as the ideal place in which to learn English.


This is because Dublin is a small, very friendly English-speaking city, with lots of high-quality accommodation and opportunities for employment. Many foreign students coming here fall in love with the place and the people.


Where’s the best place to learn to speak English?


Englishour in Dublin city centre takes a personal approach with its students and ensures each one is learning English quickly in a warm and welcoming environment.


We have small class sizes so we can focus on helping you do the best you can. Englishour is also very good value for money and offers free wifi, free books, free learning materials – and, of course, excellent classes in English delivered by experienced professional teachers. We also do not charge a registration fee.


Are schools in Ireland regulated?


There is a wide range of English language schools in Dublin and throughout Ireland. It is important to choose one that suits you and that will meet your needs. You also need to make sure they are accredited and have the quality marks from Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS) or Marketing English in Ireland (MEI). Englishour is recognised by both.


Tell me the name of a good English school in Dublin.


At Englishour, we believe that when it comes to teaching English to foreign students, small and intimate classes are the best way. Students can sometimes get forgotten in the bigger schools, but in Englishour we look after each one of you personally.


Why should I choose Englishour?


All our teachers are chosen because they are highly experienced and extremely passionate. Our mission in Englishour is to teach you English that you can use in your daily lives as well as in your professional lives.


What does Englishour offer that other schools don’t?


One of the most important things we now do at Englishour is to help students prepare for exams. Students are required to do an exam at the end of their course, whether Cambridge, IELTS, TEOIC or TIE. We work with students on a one-to-one basis throughout the course to make sure they get the best exam results possible.


What is a ‘good’ English school?


Our school is all about the language and making sure that our teachers work with our students so they can communicate effectively in any situation.


Do schools in Dublin provide you with somewhere to live?


We find places to live in Dublin for all our students. We place them with host families or in residences. We also inspect all accommodation to make sure you are staying somewhere comfortable and safe.


Can non-EU students enrol in Englishour?


If you are from outside the European Union and need a visa to study or work in Ireland, we have various courses that will allow you to do so. You will find more information here:


To find out more about studying in Dublin and the opportunities offered by Englishour, go here.


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