Englishour has trained employees in a variety of companies onsite in Dublin. We have worked with firms involved in manufacturing, technology and retail to help their employees communicate more effectively in their day to day jobs and tasks.

The advantages to business are as follows:

  • Improved customer service.

For employees who deal with customers directly whether face to face, on the telephone or through emails, an Englishour course will teach them how to maximise the power of their message through the use of appropriate language in any given situation.

  • Improved employee communication skills.

This means that staff can communicate better and more effectively with customers, in meetings and in their in-house communications with other staff.

  • Higher motivation.

Learners feel that they are developing both personally and professionally. Englishour language training classes will also motivate them further to fulfil their tasks as well as they can. To drive employees further, Englishour can also prepare staff to take an independent exam which will measure their level and provide a clear goal-driven syllabus.

  • Savings.

Englishour offers businesses great value for money with group classes. Being educational, Englishour courses are not subject to VAT.

  • Measurable results.

Each learner is tested before and at the conclusion of their course. Improvement is marked and collated and provided in the end of course report.

CAE exam

C1 Advanced, formerly known as Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), is the in-depth, high-level qualification that shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for. Passing this test attests that you can communicate with confidence in English for work and study purposes.

The test is in four parts and covers all language skill areas: Reading and Use of English (1 hour 30 minutes), Writing (1 hour 30 minutes), Listening (40 minutes) and Speaking (15 minutes per candidate).

As in the FCE exam, the results are expressed in grades: A (C2), B (C1) or C (C1).
You will also receive a Statement of Results. If your performance ranges between CEFR Levels B2 and C2, you will also receive a certificate.

If you do not pass but still do reasonably well, you are issued a B2 certificate.

An Englishour English for better business course will focus on areas such as the following:

  • Grammar and accuracy. Through a General English syllabus, we can teach learners the rules of language thus helping them to be more accurate in their speech and writing.
  • Dealing with customers. Learning about formal/informal structures as well as tone can help the learner to produce the most appropriate response in any given situation.
  • Presenting. Giving presentations is a skill which can aid organisational skills as well as helping effective communication both in-house and with customers.
  • Negotiating. There are cultural differences in how people around the world negotiate. We can teach learners how to negotiate skilfully with positive outcomes.
  • Writing. Today we are required to write reports, emails, articles, presentations and blogs amongst others. All of them require different styles and structures which are covered on our courses.

If you are interested in arranging a course for your business, there are four easy steps:

  • Contact Englishour at
  • We will send you a detailed proposal outlining the details of your course and offering you the best possible price.
  • We will test each learner to assess their levels and also give each a needs analysis form to see what language skills they need to focus on.
  • We will then write a syllabus for the course to be approved by you.

That done, we can schedule your course around your needs and timetable.