Our Teachers

Director of Studies Rita Leiva
Rita Leiva

Director of Studies

Exam Co-ordinator Vivienne O'Sullivan
Vivienne O'Sullivan

Exam co-ordinator

Englishour Teacher Eoin Williams
Eoin Williams


Eoin began teaching English in 1994 and has loved almost every minute of it since then. He worked in several schools in Madrid, Asturias, London and Dublin before settling down in Englishour in 2011, particularly relishing the warm atmosphere and emphasis on real spoken English. Eoin has two degrees, one in English and another in Philosophy and Politics, useless nearly everywhere, except, of course, in the classroom.

Englishour Teacher - Tom O'Brien
Tom O’Brien


Although Tom is a trained TEFL teacher and is also a playwright, he has worked in ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) for many years. Experienced in handling the multicultural classroom, he is also a qualified Literacy tutor and sensitive to the needs of learners who are not literate in their own language. He believes passionately in exploiting the teachable moment when it arises in class and is conscious, like Englishour, of the need for learners to learn real spoken English.

Englishour teacher Conor Kirwan
Conor Kirwan


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Kaori Sakai Administration Manager
Kaori Sakai


Roisin Teacher
Roisin Foley


Melina Marquez O'Brien
Melina Marquez O'Brien


Englishour Teacher James Hally
James Hally


Englishour teacher John Healy
John Healy


David O'Brien
David O'Brien


Englishour Director John Ryan
John Ryan

Academic Director / Marketing Director

With twenty-five years teaching experience John has taught thousands of students to communicate effectively in English. As well as teaching classes and teacher-training, John is also involved in writing many of the materials used in Englishour classes. John believes that effective language learning lies in the learner being faced with a variety of life tasks which they accomplish using the target language being presented in each class.

Darren Orr, Englishour Director
Darren Orr

School Manager / Accommodation manager

Since his first TEFL qualification in 1991 Darren has taught in private and secondary schools in Spain and Japan. Returning to Ireland in 2000, he has managed the academic department of one of the biggest EFL schools in Ireland (MLI), and the Dublin branch of GEOS International. Teacher-training as well as material development were a large part of his role, and continue to be in Englishour, where he has designed and delivered teacher-training courses for different institutions including the Comenius Programme. English is fun – go play!