Correcting Errors in English Grammar

Accuracy is obviously an important part of speaking a language. A lot of English teachers would say that not making mistakes is important but at the same time students shouldn’t worry too much about it as long as their mistakes don’t affect understanding. Students though don’t really accept this idea (they want to speak correctly!) […]

Present Perfect Tense Explanation – How does it work?

The present perfect can be a hard tense to understand and a beautiful tense to explain. Here comes a Present Perfect Tense Explanation to help you up with getting a true essence of this vital tense. The problem for students is that it looks like and feels like the past. But it isn’t. The clue […]

Sounding natural in English

Natural English in Englishour First of all, what is idiomatic English and how does it differ from ‘normal’ English? Idiomatic language is language which sounds completely natural and with a particular style, often metaphorical. Also, idiomatic language often doesn’t translate directly from other languages. For this reason, learners of English often find idiomatic language more […]

8 Surprising Things About Dublin

Here are some interesting and surprising facts about Dublin city. Dublin has more than 750 pubs! Dublin is known throughout the world for its unrivalled pubs and nightlife, so it’s not really a surprise that the city has over 750 pubs. The Brazen Head (just near the Guiness brewery) is one of the oldest pubs […]