International Students

If you require a visa in order to study or work in Ireland, Englishour offers a range of courses that enable you to study for a TIE, Cambridge or IELTS exam. As an ACELS recognised school, Englishour offers full learner protection to all our students, ensuring you have the opportunity to complete your course.

Learners who are on a visa programme of study, can study for 15 hours per week. For more information, please visit our Courses page or contact us online.

Englishour helps students to focus on the following areas to ensure exam success:

Speaking: Our teachers will give you practice speaking tests either in class or by request from our Academic Director or Exam co-ordinator. TIE and IELTS exam sessions are included in our general syllabus every week.

Listening: Englishour has a range of practice listening tests covering the Cambridge suite and the IELTS exam. We invite all our students to do practice tests during times when classrooms are free. Listening tests are also included in each General English/exam syllabus.

Use of English: This applies to the Cambridge suite of exams. We can give you sections of practice tests to complete. In grammar areas where you score poorly, these can be added to the class syllabus for the following week to ensure you become competent in English grammar.

Writing: Although speaking and listening are the principle areas of communication on our syllabus, Englishour also considers writing to be of prime importance. Our motto for writing is practice, practice, practice! Therefore writing is given every week for homework, and in exam classes, writing is exam-based. If you struggle to write to standard, we offer extra homework and invite you to write in the guided study sessions in the school.

Please note that students will be initially placed according to level in a General English class. When the appropriate level is reached mid-course, student may then be placed in a dedicated exam class. TIE exam students will continue in a General English class with weekly TIE sessions.

Reading: Again, we’ll provide you with sections of practice exam tests, relevant to the particular exam you’re doing and/or the particular section of the test you’re having trouble with.

If you’re engaged in a twenty-five week course we will start actively preparing you for your exam after week twelve of your course. This will entail regular and documented meetings with the Academic Director/Exam co-ordinator, where you’ll be guided and mentored towards a successful exam result.

Results of the exam will be sent to all participating students by Englishour and your exam results will be kept by Englishour in our student record database.


If you’re attending your Englishour course on a visa, you’re required to attend at least 85% of your classes. Courses are over a duration of 25 weeks or more, and should you arrive to a class more than 15 minutes late, you’ll be marked as absent.

The Director of Studies closely monitors attendance, and you must fulfil your attendance obligations. If you don’t fulfil your 85% attendance, the Director of Studies at Englishour will inform the Garda Immigration Authority.

If you do not fulfil your attendance obligations, you may be expelled from your course and you will receive no refund. Before you, or any student, is expelled, there will always be an:

  • Informal meeting
  • Verbal warning when your attendance is below 85%
  • 2 Written warnings if there is no improvement
  • Contact made with the Garda Immigration Authority

All of these steps are documented by the Director of Studies and Englishour will always act on this at the earliest possible moment.

If you’re sick during your English language course, you must notify Englishour by phone call or email before your class commences. If you happen to be sick for more than two days, you will need to obtain a doctor’s note to present to us when you return. If you don’t produce this note, the time you’ve been away ill will be counted as ‘absent’.

Unless it’s an emergency, you must request holidays at least seven days in advance and make your request to the Director of Studies. Student holidays must always comply with the Department of Justice and Equality’s requirements.

Attendance must be a minimum of 85% for a student to request holidays.


At Englishour, we aim to always accommodate our students, granting holiday leave and time off, but we can only do this if you give us at least a week’s notice. We offer no tuition refunds for late arrivals, early departures or absences from our English language classes, for whatever reason, from any class on any course. Any refunds that are made are at the management’s discretion.

Should your visa application be refused and you are unable to attend your course, we will give you a full refund, minus a €120 administration fee, within 30 days of us being informed of the decision to refuse entry. Exam and insurance payments are non-refundable in the event that the student has already started their course. If course was paid by credit card, refunds will be given 120 days after payment.

Visa students who have already started their course are not eligible for any refund.

For short term courses, there is a cancellation fee of €75 should the course be cancelled more than seven days before commencement. In the event of a course being cancelled less than seven days before the start date or after the start date, there is no refund on courses. Englishour will however offer students class credits for classes not taken and advance notice given.

The School Manager is responsible for operating the Englishour refund system, and for students already in attendance of a course, refunds are only given at the management’s discretion.

The programme may consist of the following:

1. Extra homework relevant to any area you find challenging. This works especially well if you’re having problems with grammar. As Englishour is a small school with an open-door policy we can give students a lot of extra time helping them deal with problem areas in their communication skills.

2. Individual classes. Sometimes this is the best option if you need a lot of help with your English.

3. Communication with the class teacher. Often by focusing a little more on the area in class and by receiving a little extra attention, your problem can be solved.

4. Extra guided practice. In Englishour we make classrooms/student areas available to students, where they can do tests, listening exams or any other activity to help with their English skills.

Overall, at Englishour, we’re always there to help you along each stage of your learning, lending extra support whenever and however it’s needed.


As a visa student, you are required to take an official exam at the end of your course. Englishour can prepare students for the:

  • FCE
  • CAE
  • TIE

The price of these exams are not included in the course price and you must pay for them at the outset of your course. This exam is mandatory for visa students.

The exam for which you’ll be registered is decided by your level of English.

Englishour is dedicated to helping every individual student achieve their exam goals. You will be working alongside your teachers and the Director of Studies to formulate a programme of study tailored to ensure the best possible exam results.

For more information about any of the English language courses,

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